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7565Re: [medieval-leather] Re: Saint's Badge?

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  • Anna Troy
    Mar 6, 2003
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      I ment Middle Ages but there are so many Saints to
      choose from. Maybe the question should be which Saint
      was the most popular amoungst was most popular during
      the 13-14th century. On a side note in "Medieval finds
      from excavations in London. 7 : Pilgrim souvenirs and
      secular badges" by Brian Spencer there is a photo of a
      pair of small three-dimensional shoes made out of
      pewter. They look 15th-century to me but I can look
      again. Now the book suggest that they're a love-token
      but since they also show small purses that you could
      hang around your neck with a luck charm inside maybe
      these symbolised something else, like a Saint.

      Anna T
      --- Marc Carlson <marccarlson20@...> wrote:
      > > > Anna T wrote:
      > > > St. Crispin is as far as I can tell one of the
      > more
      > > > popular Patron Saints of Shoemaking. Does anyone
      > know
      > > > if he has a symbol of some sort like St.
      > Catherines
      > > > wheel?
      > Anna, did you mean in the Middle Ages, or more
      > recently?
      > There are numerous people searching to find any
      > indication that there
      > was such a thing as a Crispin's badge in the Middle
      > Ages, and pretty
      > much coming up dry. If you find something, -please-
      > let me know.
      > Marc
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