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7081Big Leatherworking Tools and Machinery Sale

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  • rmhowe
    Jan 1, 2003
      Ramseur, North Carolina, U.S.A. is on on NC 64 just east of
      Asheboro and the NC State Zoo (which would have been much
      cheaper if they'd simply fenced in Chapel Hill's denizens back in the
      hippie days when I went to NCSU in Raleigh.). Nobody ever built a
      memorial to a planning committee. Probably never will.
      Closest I've seen is the painting of the first Continental Congress.

      Zack White Leather is there in the old downtown section for
      about 2-3 more months at which point it will move closer to
      64 and be right behind the highly visible new McDonalds/Gas
      Station combo and visible from NC 64 on the south side.

      http://www.ZackWhite.com/ doesn't work well right now.
      Some goober put up Santy Claus and it tells me his clock
      won't hit 2003 for a few more hours. The catalog isn't up.

      Presently they are in a one story building on a quiet little
      street northwest about a block of the church with the big
      white spire. You get down there you will see it.
      About five blocks south of NC 64. The little building faces west.

      On April 24 + 25 they intend to have a huge machinery sale/auction.
      Including stitchers, clickers, rotary machines and odd bits.
      They've also been in the business long enough to know what it's worth.
      They have a warehouse full of used leather machinery they've bought
      from local factories and it won't be available this easily ever again.
      Seems all the shoe companies, including the two Walker Shoe Factories
      have gone out of business and they have a couple hundred
      machines. You can come and swap your stuff and machinery as well.
      They said there probably won't be a similar sale for a good ten years
      at least. They've been a shoe fixin's supplier since 1952.

      They told us China and Pakistan (our goodest, bestest buddies)
      are producing most of the world's leather shoes and bags these days.

      In fact, they tell me that they can get already antiqued authentic
      looking Civil War Reenactor bullet pouches for about $1.50 each
      complete with metal hardware. So all that's left of the leather
      industry is us hobbyists, saddlers, and local shoe repairs (and
      you guys in the kinky bits trade). That's comforting to know.
      "Will Kink for Food." But I think that's already being done.

      I was reading this last week in a Military authenticity magazine
      that the British saddles that survived the charge of the Light
      Brigade at Balaclava may very well have been refitted and resold to
      the Confederacy here a few years later with tons of other stuff.
      Also that the McClellan Saddle was probably patterned after the
      ones he saw there during that wonderful little war. There seems
      to have been a lack of standardization in the British Army at
      that time, especially amongst volunteer or privately assisted

      I'm old enough to remember when the U.S.A. was the manufacturing
      powerhouse of the world. Even Taiwan is being undercut at 1/8th
      their wages by China. Good if you want to buy non-industrial tools.
      Not so good if you need to work for a living. Nothing like giving
      away your industrial base to approximately 1/5 the population of
      the world and growing - and needing room to expand. I've noticed
      a distinct reticence of many of my educated friends to marry and produce
      children the last couple of decades. I didn't either. Perhaps we
      are doing them a huge favor. All those high tech weapons are great
      - until you have to buy the parts from some country that isn't
      necessarily your bestest buddy anymore. We lost an F-117 stealth
      bomber in Bosnia, and a shot down Predator drone was clearly in Bin
      Laden's hands in a captured video I saw.

      ** Do Not forward this off this list if my address is on it. **
      If you want future information, that would be a great way not to
      get it. It wouldn't be the first list I've dropped posting to.