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  • rmhowe
    Nov 12 12:09 PM
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      Jonathan Hershey wrote:
      > If this poor guy is still dyed, I have removed a number of substances
      > from my hands using baby oil and salt - I just pour some of each in my
      > hands and scrub them hard -- there doesn't seem to be a specific ratio of
      > either. I then wash with soap and water. This has worked when commercial
      > mechanics hand cleaners have not.
      > Jon

      Generally, I use Gojo with pumice and the little surgeon's scrub
      brush that comes on the side of the bottle it comes in.

      Prior to, or after that I may use lacquer thinner. I'm an old
      cabinetmaker and there is very little it won't remove to some
      degree. One step up would be acetone. The problem with these
      solvents is they also take all the oil out of your hands.
      The hardest places I've found to get stain/dye out of is
      of course the areas on every side of the nails.

      There are some hand cremes that you can put on prior to working
      with some things like old car grease. (Whenever I want to apply
      a really aged look to something I've found oily road soot on
      an engine to be ideal). These cremes form a barrier in the skin
      pores before the mess gets in. Thankfully I am not a mechanic,
      nor do my hands have those really deep cracks with black in
      them. I have some downstairs I bought at Northern Tools, just
      haven't had a suitable opportunity to use it. I seem to recall
      an Ann Landers column that suggested hand creme as a preventative
      to an embarassed woman to suggest to her suitor/husband.

      My most recent horrible attack had to do with some Max Black
      or Black Max metal blackener used on some etched silver.
      You then sand off/buff the high spots carefully. That particular
      little joy juice left areas of both hands medium s**t brown for
      a week. I'm pretty sure riogrande.com sells it. I was using it
      in conjunction with a photographic/asphaltum etching class at the
      time. After it dried I sanded it off on the high spots, somehow
      that transferred the stuff to my hands and it reacted of course.

      This may have been someway chemically similar to the Yankee spy
      who used silver nitrate to infiltrate Confederate fortifications
      as a negro laborer during our Civil War. Didn't fool the blacks
      reportedly but nobody talked either. Touched it up repeatedly
      with applications from a silver nitrate bottle. I don't think
      his entire hide was covered but one might wonder how he handled
      the call of nature. Or he carried a pair of long-handled mirrors
      and a very large bent dauber.

      You could also try a counter dye I suppose for a more attractive
      color. Walnut or oak and possibly ash contain tannic acid. Handling
      that enough over part of a day will turn your hands light purple for
      about three days or so. How that would overlay brown I have no idea.

      Magnus Maximus

      > > > Folks, I need your help.
      > >
      > > I have a friend who manages to creatively do himself in on a regular
      > > basis, and he's done it again. He has managed to get the better part
      > > of a bottle of leather dye all over his hands, and he's due to be
      > > Laurelled in about a week and a half. Gloves won't do, and painting
      > > the rest of himself green likely won't help either. Anybody got any
      > > good ideas for removing leather dye (not sure whether it's oil or
      > > spirit base) from one's anatomy- preferably while leaving the skin on?
      > >
      > > Considering this guy's proclivities (stabbed himself in the nose with
      > > a needle, tried to castrate himself sewing together a tent, among
      > > other things) do we have any suggestions for reasonably non-toxic,
      > > non-flammable dye removal? I suggested cold cream, but as I said, I'm
      > > not quite sure what type of dye he decorated himself with.
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > >
      > > Phlip
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