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6047Re: [medieval-leather] Gum Ammoniac Quandery

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  • Adam Smith
    Mar 1, 2002

      >worked fine (it was actually done
      once- and then I learned what happens to
      >composite leaf on
      leather.  A painful lesson, I must admit, but not one I'm
      >likely to
      forget ever.  I'm using teh real stuff this time) so I was
      that might have been the problem.
      Odd... I've never had a problem with the alloy stuff, as long as I gave it a top coat of something so it wouldn't tarnish.

      >Mongolian, which I'm recreating from a
      painting) so it took much longer than
      >I thought just to figure out the
      bottom part & get all the holes punched
      Gee, I've got a quiver sitting in the corner of the studio without anything in the bottom... been there for a coupla years now ;-). I understand your pain.
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