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  • Jonathan T Getty
    Jul 2, 2001
      I actually ended up asking a lawyer because I had to call the Student
      Advocate here about a car repair shop that killed my engine (and the call
      is free, so why not :)

      Anyway, she says a 1922 copyright (unless extended by an act of Congress
      you don't know about) is expired, period. She also points out that Mickey
      (who's a bit of a special case anyway) was renewed before his copyright
      ran out, 2003 if Magnus has the right date. So in principle, if you
      posted a WWI-era article today, and congress extended the copyright later,
      your use would have occured while the copyright laxed.

      However, as Melanie pointed out, anybody can sue anyone for anything, but
      the web and the academic nature of the posting are natural protections.

      But thanks for the exensive post, Magnus... I learned more than I would
      have learned from the article, and I'll try to ILL it.

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