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4624Re: [medieval-leather] Re: Period Shooting - armguards

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  • Melanie Wilson Belgium
    Jul 1, 2001
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      In Europe the copyright is 100years. A company will only tend to sue on
      commercial grounds not just cause they feel like it , so if you sell copies
      og Book X you are more likely to be sued than if you do on or two copies for
      friends. Web law is even vaguer !

      You should if worried make reasonable steps to contact the coptright holder,
      eg write & ask ! If they say yes no probs, if they say no you can't if they
      don't reply you can assume (fairly safely) you have tried to gain
      permission. And copy with full credit. If later you are asked to withdraw
      you must, generally the law will respect reasonable behgaviour particularly
      for acedemic use.

      Non of this holds any guarentee but is just the way I personally understand
      it works, to be sure you could contact a lawyer (ouch)

      Hope that helps

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