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  • Anna Troy
    Dec 1, 2000
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      Well, a couple of weeks ago I went on a inter-library loan spree ( my
      university library doesn't
      charge :-) and last week I got the first load. The first I want to
      recommend is the quite big book "Schuhe vom sp├Ąten Mittelalter bis zur
      Gegenwart" by Saskia Durian-Ress. It's actually the biggest exhibition
      catalog I've seen of an exhibit that was held at the National Museum of
      Bavaria in Munchen 1991-92. There are only a couple of shoes from before
      the 16th century but if you are interested in the 16th century and onwards
      this is a must see! the pictures a quite big and IN COLOR so you can see
      lots of details.

      The other book I want to recommend that is"Our boots, an Inuit women's art"
      by Jill Okaes and Rick Riewe. A completely different boot making tradition
      but in my opinion but I recommend it anyway. Very nice book first chapter
      about how they are made and then the different types that are worn. The
      only thing I felt was missing was a chapter on the Greenland Inuit as this
      is solely about the Inuit in Canada. But otherwise it was great! I have
      about five more books to get from the library today and I'll tell you about
      them later :-)

      Anna Troy

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