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3199Re: [medieval-leather] Re: Gilding- How to cut the gold leaf?

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  • Gefjon
    May 1, 2000
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      Interesting. I've never seen it adhering to a
      backing. The leaf that I use comes in small 'books'
      with a thin sheet of tissue between each leaf of gold.


      > I my small amounts of gilding I've not found it
      > necessary to cut gold leaf
      > anywhich way. It comes in small squares adhering to
      > a glossy backing; you
      > put the size on the spots that you want gilded, and
      > press the gold leaf (on
      > backing) onto those spots. It only sticks to the
      > size, and stays on the
      > backing otherwise. I gather that when using gold
      > leaf not-on-a-backing-sheet
      > it works much the same way but is fiddlier. Maybe
      > there are other techniques
      > involving cutting...but not the ones I was taught.
      > Cyneburh

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