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3198Re: [medieval-leather] Re: Gilding- How to cut the gold leaf?

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  • Teal
    May 1, 2000
      Phillip wrote:

      >In one of the previous posts, someome mentioned cutting the leaf into
      >appropriate sizes...how in heck do you do that? I look at this stuff and it
      >wads up into a tiny lil ball. :)
      >Phillip the Skeptic

      I my small amounts of gilding I've not found it necessary to cut gold leaf
      anywhich way. It comes in small squares adhering to a glossy backing; you
      put the size on the spots that you want gilded, and press the gold leaf (on
      backing) onto those spots. It only sticks to the size, and stays on the
      backing otherwise. I gather that when using gold leaf not-on-a-backing-sheet
      it works much the same way but is fiddlier. Maybe there are other techniques
      involving cutting...but not the ones I was taught.

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