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3196Re: [medieval-leather] Re: Gilding- How to cut the gold leaf?

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  • Gefjon
    May 1 8:40 AM
      When I cut the gold leaf that I use for illumination,
      I lay the sheet on a 'guilding cusion' or the flesh
      side of a piece of leather, and cut it with a scapel
      or an exacto knife. I then use the side of the knife
      to transfer the gold leaf to where I want it. To cut
      the leaf, press down with the knife, using a bit of a
      side to side motion, rather than drawing it across the
      sheet of gold. It is easy to tear the gold if you
      drag the knife across it. What ever you do, don't
      sneeze!! <g>


      --- Copernicus Skygazer <muck@...> wrote:
      > In one of the previous posts, someome mentioned
      > cutting the leaf into
      > appropriate sizes...how in heck do you do that? I
      > look at this stuff and it
      > wads up into a tiny lil ball. :)
      > Phillip the Skeptic

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