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3195Re: [medieval-leather] Re: Gilding- How to cut the gold leaf?

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  • Neil Carr
    May 1, 2000
      Copernicus Skygazer wrote:
      > In one of the previous posts, someome mentioned cutting the leaf into
      > appropriate sizes...how in heck do you do that? I look at this stuff and it
      > wads up into a tiny lil ball. :)
      > Phillip the Skeptic

      I, having finished moulding the leather bottle, and dyed it, am now in
      the process of gilding. The method that seems to work best, is to lay
      the leaf down on the flesh side of a piece of veg tan, and crease it/
      cut it with the back edge of a knife (butter knife, in this case).
      Pressing down and running the knife back and forth creates a fold along
      which it's easier to "tear" the leaf with a smooth(-ish) edge.

      I'll let the list know how it goes. I'm using some sort of Dutch metal
      called "Magic Leaf", and the first layer didn't do too well, but could
      be my general inneptitude. Second layer's size is geting tacky even as I

      Neil Carr
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