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2644[medieval-leather] Re: AMs latest shoes

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  • Tim Bray
    Oct 16, 1999
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      RE: Marc's response re: attaching straps with the S&P method:
      I did this on the last pair of shoes I made for Keegan - don't know if you
      got a good look at them at Peronne. Works great. I cut the end in a sort
      of spade- shape to make it easier to push through the slit. Much faster
      and easier than stitching. Maybe that's why they did it?

      I also do this for belt buckles now. Not only easier than stitching, it's
      also easier to undo if you need to repair or replace the buckle. No more
      rivets! Yay!

      In case it's not clear, you make a small slit in the strap, about where you
      would have been stitching the end down, and then you push the end of the
      strap through the slit (after going around the buckle, of course). The
      barbed end catches and holds on the back side of the strap.

      You also use this method to attach the straps themselves to the shoes.
      Both straps - the one with the buckle and the one that goes through it.

      Once you get the hang of cutting the barbs and slits, this is really fast
      and just, well, cool.


      >>also, any ideas on how to attatch the buckles? I figure I need to sew the
      >>leather bits on, but on the inside, or the outside?
      >Maybe not (although sewing makes a lot of sense). If you look at the
      >examples in
      >S&P, the leather pits usually slip through a slit in the upper, and once
      >they expand. The one I was looking at last night was
      > __________
      > ________________\ |
      > ________________ |
      > /_________|
      >Or something to that effect.
      >The theory is that the wider leather won't pull through the upper (although
      >to be honest, I'd
      >be inclined to toss in a couple of the same whip stitches from above to
      >hold things down). In
      >some of the German boots they do the sewing down also.
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