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2542[medieval-leather] Re: Lasts?

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  • Uilliam@aol.com
    Oct 2, 1999
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      In a message dated 10/01/99 02:13:03 AM, you wrote:

      <<Hi again, I was just wondering if anybody knows of any info in printed or
      on-line form about how you sew on a last. You guys who learned how to, how
      did you get your info? I'm kind of stuck on that point.>>

      Look for a copy of R. A. Salaman's Dictionary of Leatherworking Tools from
      1700-1950. Has some good illustrations of techniques used to sew on lasts.

      I learned from a class that was offered at a SCA collegium about 4 years ago.
      I usually tack the sole to the bottom of the last then last the closed upper
      over the sole by lacing it onto the last. After the upper is dry I remove the
      lacing and trim the lasting margin flush with the sole. I will usually place
      several "basting" (make a hole with your awl and pass a short lenght of
      thread through the hole and tye an slip knot) threads around the sole to hold
      the upper in plase while I sew it to the sole. If your last has a hole in it
      for use on a last stand use that. If not make a strap about one inch wide and
      about one foot longer than twice the heigth of your knee from the floor in a
      seated position with a buckle at one end. Buckle the strap and place it over
      the last which is placed on your knees. The lower end of the loop is placed
      over a short board that is held down by your feet thus exerting pressure on
      the last which hold it firmly to your knees. This method work quite well and
      allows you adjust the last to whatever angle you need for the stitching
      process. Hope this is helpful

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