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2535[medieval-leather] Re: AMs latest shoes

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  • Marc Carlson
    Oct 1, 1999
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      >howdy from Anne-Marie
      >Cool! A picture really is worth 1000 words, isnt it? :) I'm heading to
      >MacPhereson leather tonight to see if they have anything like that.

      Sometimes. Sometimes pictures just confuse the issue, but in this case,
      it does help. (words AND pictures are a great team)

      >So it doesnt HAVE a cutting edge? I thought when you said I wanted a
      >glovers needle, that I'd want a cutting edge (which would negate the need
      >for an awl?)

      This may go back to the old difference of opinion about whether awls and
      glover's needles need to merely have a sharp point, or a whole cutting edge
      (the "push the material aside" or "cut the material" schism). At this stage,
      I can not in good conscience say that the other guys are "wrong", but they
      definately use a different technique than I do. I have never used a glover's
      needle or an awl that I could cut myself with, although I have stabbed myself
      with them more often than I care to admit. The fact that most closing awls
      are oval in cross-section suggests that for these stitches, moving the leather
      aside from the hole is acceptable (and considering that there is little enough
      material to work with, keeping as much of it intact makes more sense to me)

      >Lucky duck! Are you going to have a chance to chat with our favorite York
      >Archeological guy? :)

      With any luck, I'm hoping to get to see both Ian and Melanie.

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