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2402[medieval-leather] Re: Cow hide to Tan

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  • Melanie Wilson
    Sep 1, 1999
      >1. Technically it will work with the hair on. BUT it won't seem like a
      big piece of fur when you are done. It will pretty much ruin the hair,
      and it can be taken off after tanning by rubbing on a nail in a post.
      Which works well for shoe strings. (At least that is what the foxfire
      books say) If you want a piece of fur I would suggest alum tanning,
      which I don't know how to do.

      Hmm maybe I'd better try another method I was wanting it to sit on as it is
      so big, I Alum tanned a deer hide last year, which worked OK

      >2. No you add the hide to the tannin after it has been cooled. If you do
      it when boiling you will most likely make quick curboilie (sp?) and have
      a big chunk of cow plastic that is really brittle. :-) I would suggest
      making it in batches. I use a big 5 gallon pressure cooker that washed
      up in the flood one year. (Also makes a good dye pot, but you have to
      remember not to use the lid.)
      That's what I though, but wanted to be sure

      >3. Now that is a difficult question to answer. All that I have ever done
      is go to the tree with hatchet in hand, and then cut off as much as I can
      until my arm gets tired into a paper bag. For one that size it would
      depend on the amount of water that you use. But remember this I don't
      think that it is possible to have too much so if I were you I would "eye
      ball" it, and probably just fill up a big paper grocery bag or the

      OK, big paper grocery bag BTW way is lost on me we don't have such a thing
      here :) But I get the idea lots !

      I might try this with the next cow, if I find a hair tanning methos.

      Thanks again

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