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1917[medieval-leather] Counters (was Does anyone know?)

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  • Marc Carlson
    Jul 1, 1999
      At 09:31 AM 7/1/99 +0100, you wrote:
      >It is according to the sources I use. But there is no universal
      >terminology unfortunately. Where did you find your reference?

      The definitions I quoted were Thornton and Swann.

      DA Saguto's (as yet unfinished*) glossary refers to "counters" as
      1. Exterior portion of the upper of a boot approximating the position of the
      "quarter" (q.v.) in the shoe, which covers the actual stiffener (q.v.)
      2. An added stiffener, either inside or outside, in the "quarter" of a shoe
      3. A heel stiffener.

      (*I know it's unfinished because I'm typing it. Saguto is the Master
      Cordwainer for Colonial Williamsburg, and a recognized authority on the
      history of shoemaking)

      As for the universal terminology, I don't care about that right now. I'm
      working on a lexicon of the different terms used by different people. The
      definition you use is a commonly used one.



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