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  • Henry Plouse
    Jul 20, 2013
      My point, exactly (e-mail really needs a "sarcasm icon").  Even with my incredibly sharp awls (I draw blood every time I work leather), I find it difficult to hand punch anything above lining and garment weight leather (i.e., 3 oz. and under), but you have people talking about "embroidering" leather (incl. 5 - 6 oz. leather, which is plenty "heavy" in my book).  Not likely.  You might be able to "simulate" embroidery with stitching, but it's not the same process and the skills and techniques are not directly transferable. 
      The fact is that I pre-punch almost everything and every weight of leather I work with.  If I'm using finer, sewing thread (or embroidery floss), rather than my usual waxed linen or nylon leather sewing thread, I may need to improvise with brad/nails, given the lack of any tool optimized for the job, but prepunching leather is the only way to do it, whether you are sewing or doing decorative stitching (which might better describe the process than the term "embroidering").

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      Why in the world would you even try to poke a hole in any weight leather with an embroidery needle? They're not even that sharp. That's what an awl is for.


      On Jul 20, 2013, at 11:17, Henry Plouse <mailto:ozymandias1951%40yahoo.com> wrote:

      > I have done a very small amount of embroidering on leather, but, unlike Tasha, I DO think of 5-6 oz leather as "heavy", at least when it comes to poking holes through it with an embroidery needle (or any needle, for that matter). I would stick with garment weight leather (i.e., < 3 oz.).
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