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11897Re: Embroidering Leather

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  • petemonahan
    Jul 20, 2013
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      I believe that Tasha and McBain have the right idea. You probably don't want to perforate a large area on a working leather bag for fear of weakening it. Also, embroidery is hard enough work without trying to drag the floss through leather too!

      The North American Natives who bead leather do an applique technique like the two just described. They bead onto cloth - denim is popular these days - then whip/blanket stitch round the edges and through the leather. The bonus is that on wearable stuff like moccasins, when the leather piece wears out you can remove the beading and re-use it on a new project. Given that the working life of a pair of moccs worn daily may be measured in weeks, not months, this is the only practical way to do it!

      Good luck with the project

      Peter the Cobbler
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