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11895Re: [medieval-leather] Embroidering Leather

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  • Diane Sawyer Dooley
    Jul 19, 2013
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      I don't think of 4-5 oz as that thick, but I would be concerned that even a filler like satin stitch would perf the leather enough that it would tear. I might think about doing the embroidery on canvas (laid and couched work would actually be less likely to get snagged and torn) and then gluing it onto the leather, then covering the edges with stitching or couching.

      might not know embroidery on leather,
      but knows embroidery on fabric

      > From: Sean <mapshaker2000@...>
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      >Subject: [medieval-leather] Embroidering Leather

      >Has anyone ever had experience in embroidering leather? I have a large piece of 4-5 oz leather that I want to make into a satchel and embroider it. I know that isn't quite medieval in design, but it's for me to use not for display. My main issue is whether to just do an outline type of embroidery or trying to do a fill. I can't even start to think about how to do a fill on thick leather.

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