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11878Well, it's been a long time coming....

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  • Gawain Kilgore
    Mar 16, 2013
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      Greetings, Everyone!

      I don't often post as much these days as I once did. What can I say, life happens, priorities shift. But, in all this time, I've waited for this day for many years.....

      I founded this list on March 2nd, 1999 at 12:07am. That day, I notified some friends interested in Medieval Leatherwork and people started joining the list. I contacted professionals in the field, from around the world, and explained the list to them and our desire to learn more about actual Medieval leatherwork. Several joined. Some left after a time. A few are still here.

      After a while, I sought permission of the different Kingdom list ministers and sent a post telling about the list and its purpose and I was seeking interested individuals for membership. Ah, those early days... If you want to know something about bombards,jacks, jacking, some shoe making, techniques, carving, assorted formulas and other medieval leatherwork in general, I strongly recommend you search the archives. There is a ton of very good, well researched and documented information in the early years of the list. Many of the questions I see posted today have been thoroughly answered in the past, so don't forget this resource. This also included a lot of original, first source material and research. (I'd also like to put in a plug here for the Medieval Shoe list, if you have interests in that area. A fantastic list! Check it out.)

      Well, here is the real reason for this missive:

      As of today, we have one thousand (1000) subscribing members of this list! I've been waiting for this day for years and I believe that I can say with some pride that it is a great list and I am very happy. Thank you, to all of you who subscribe, read and contribute to this list, both today and over the 14 years that this list has been in existence. Here's to the next 14 years! Now, get out there and stitch up some leather (and for goodness sake, use correct medieval stitching)! ;)

      Gregory G. Stapleton
      List Administrator
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