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11781Re: Looking for Leather Carving Examples

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  • bigfooted rockmidget
    Jan 10 1:40 PM
      You mean this one?

      The Archaeology of York 17/16

      Leather and Leatherworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York

      by Quita Mould, Ian Carlisle and Esther Cameron
      It is here:

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      Is the leather book from York still available for free?



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      >P in p is good but latter in period. I have a good biblio at home on earlier sources. Look at the York archeological trust. Search on Iona finds and the Royal Irish Academy has wonderful books on that time. John H Watterer has lots of books and articles with pics but he is harder to get. The national history museum in Dublin has good displays. Look in livinghistory.ie and go in the early medieval section. As for dyes that was later than the 10th c. Colors were painted on during that time. Hard to find evidence except mentions by Elizabeth Ocasha in her papers. The book Sheath and Scabbards 400 to 1000 has a small section on it.





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