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    Oct 7, 2011
      --- In medieval-leather@yahoogroups.com, Ron Charlotte <ronch2@...> wrote:
      > At 11:15 AM 10/6/2011, you wrote:
      > >Hi does anyone know hot to make rawhide? Or even any faq's about it?
      > >If I can make it from pork rind from a butcher shop
      > While, in theory, you can dry pig skin to a rawhide consistency, pig
      > skin has too much fat to properly dry cure, and it's essentially
      > "perforated" so even if you dry it enough, it won't have the same
      > kind of strength you would get from cow or even goat.
      > In essence, the basic steps are fleshing, to remove the subcutaneous
      > fat, liming (to dehair)and flesh, and drying.
      > Try this link: http://home.acceleration.net/clark/PaperVu/rawhide.html
      > Ron Charlotte -- Gainesville, FL
      > ronch2@... OR afn03234@...
      I have to disagree with liming to dehair raw hide. For a really good raw hide you are better off to dry it then scrape the hair off (otherwise known as the dry scrape method). There was a really good article earlier this year in the 'primitive archer' magazine on making raw hide. Either the March or May issue??? Not sure now.
      I do not like using lime to dehair any hide as it does a very poor job and the hides do not soften as well as using wood ash.
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