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11740Re: [medieval-leather] Dog collars 600 to 1600

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  • Henry Plouse
    Jul 18, 2011
      How arcane an interest can it be when there is an ENTIRE MUSEUM (with its OWN CASTLE) devoted to the issue?
      That, to me, is the most amazing thing about the SCA and Medievalists in general   If you want to know how Viking ear wax cleaners were different from early Germanic ear wax cleaners, you can bet that there is someone out there who has spent his/her entire life documenting, thoroughly (and with copious illustrations), the evolution of ear wax cleaners from the early Celts to the late Victorian upper crust.  And, heck, there's probably some little burg, down in the upper Rhineland, "Bad Ooperrhenischgarten" or whatever, with its (soi disant) "World Famous Ear Wax Cleaner Museum".
      Good luck on the collars.
      ALRIC, Glyn Dwfn 
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      Subject: [medieval-leather] Dog collars 600 to 1600
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      Greeting all,

      Does anyone know of any pictures of dog collars between our SCA time periods. I have found a few, but they are metal hunting collars. Anyone know of any SCA papers on dog collars would help.

      It seems I keep pick subject of little resources.

      Thanks in advance,


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