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11711Re: [medieval-leather] tanning

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  • Gregory G. Stapleton
    Apr 1, 2011
      Check the following sources to get a pretty definitive answer as to how
      period leather tanning was accomplished (if you don't have local access to
      these tomes, they are available through interlibrary loan):

      1. "Leather in Life, Art, and Industry," by John W. Waterer

      2. "Leather and Fur," edited by Esther Cameron (in particular,
      Chapter 1 by Roy Thompson, entitled, Leather Working Processes)

      And last, but certainly not least,

      3. "English Medieval Industries," edited by John Blair and Nigel
      Ramsay ( in particular, chapter 12 by John Cherry, entitled, Leather)

      Gregory G. Stapleton / Gawain Kilgore

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