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11615Leather Dice Cups

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  • Ben
    Oct 1, 2010
      I am doing some preliminary planning for my next college reunion. At our last reunion, I made leather business card holders for my old classmates and leather roses for their wives or girl friends. For the upcoming reunion, I'd like very much to make dice cups for my classmates. I have not decided on what to m ake their wives, etc.

      I've seen many photos of dice cups. They're simple enough and I can probably create plans from the photos, especially if they include dimensions of height and diameter. However, it would be much easier if I could get some plans and maybe even a template for them. I have about fifteen to make and have plenty of time, but I need to get started before much longer.

      [I have downloaded some photos of ancient European dice made of bone and other natural materials and I might take a stab at making some of those, as well. I believe I can wing it on those, since they are simple cubes of bone, or whatever, and the numbers of dots on each side isn't done the same way as present-day dice. The photos I downloaded include their dimensions and the numbering scheme for each type. These go back more than a thousand years.]

      Does anyone have any plans or instructions for making dice cups? I'd be particularly interested in ancient styles.

      Thank you in advance.

      Ben Arnold
      Ft. Lauderdale
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