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11580Re: [medieval-leather] Sealing Dye

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  • Ron Charlotte
    Jul 15, 2010
      At 07:26 AM 7/15/2010, you wrote:
      >OK, here is something. I have a nice dark walnut ink, I am going to
      >use it to dye some leather. I am looking for ideas on how to seal
      >it. Please let me know what you all think. Neatsfoot Oil first comes
      >to mind. Though my favorite is Resolene though.
      >Michael Walden

      When I'm trying to be "period" for sealants, I've been using a simple
      mixture of beeswax and neatsfoot oil. Melt the wax and add the oil
      until the cooled mixture is the consistency of soft serve ice cream
      (I actually prefer it a bit denser, but I live in a hot
      climate). It's based on a "dubbin" recipe out of R. Reed's _Ancient
      Skins, Parchment's and Leathers_ but that one was a fish oil
      concoction that I didn't think would age well in a region of regular 90+ temps.

      al Thaalibi ---- An Crosaire, Trimaris
      Ron Charlotte -- Gainesville, FL
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