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11539Re: [medieval-leather] Re: Leather dying/aging problem: down, dirty, quick

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  • Michael Parker
    May 4, 2010
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      Great info, Friedrich, thanks! But how does this leave the outside surface
      of the sheath? Is it always going to be oiling my hands and clothes as it
      does the blade?


      On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 11:34 PM, Favour <favour@...> wrote:

      > Greetings All,
      > I used to work for a custom sword maker at several renfaires. These
      > were high end blades (up to $10k), and the sheaths/scabbards could run
      > up to $500. Our "secret" sword oil was actually cheap 10-30 weight, and
      > we used a lot because we were right off the Gulf Coast in very high
      > humidity conditions. Our recommendation to our patrons was to fill the
      > new sheath/scabbard full of motor oil, let it soak overnight and then
      > let it drain upside down over a coffee can. The sheaths/scabbards
      > become self-oilers. It's anecdotal, but it worked great. We never had
      > any complaints about degradation of the leather or thread. I've
      > personally had fifteen year old sheaths that had that treatment and
      > everything was fine. I currently have antiques, including a Bavarian
      > hand-un-halb dating to about 1445, that I carry at events in motor oiled
      > sheaths. I've never had a problem, and it stops rust cold. Oh, and it
      > leaves undyed tooling leather with a rich tan/brown color. My only
      > suggestion is to use a lighter weight, say 5-20. And now that I think
      > of it, I wonder how synthetic motor oil would work? Have to get a quart
      > and try it on some scrap.
      > Best regards,
      > Friedrich
      > Favour Leather Works
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