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11518Leather dying/aging problem: down, dirty, quick

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  • Timothy Park
    May 3, 2010
      I need a method to quickly darken or age leather leggings.

      The deal is that they're raw, "pink" leather (not really pink, but
      caucasian skin pink), I have about three days, and I'd like them to look
      browner, and like they've been oiled and used for years for work.

      I've determined to have leggings of a kind for workshop garb for a
      couple of different things. There are probably more period appropriate
      terms. But so you have the idea "tie on chaps" is what one friend called
      them. Protect the legs from the dirt of the shop rising to mid or upper

      Simple. Two tubes, laces at the top to tie to belt or what have you.

      That's not the issue.

      What I have are two, light, probably some sort of bovine, we'll call it
      cow, of indeterminate origin. They're as light as deerskin and have been
      mistaken as such.

      But they're pale leather right now and Friday is the first event they're
      needed at.

      More for my own aesthetics I don't want them pale, pinky looking.

      Oil helps, but what I want is more brown or tan. (I have not oiled them,
      just tested scrap.)

      Any suggestions on a quick way to dye and/or age these?

      I liked the vinegaroon notion but don't have time to make the solution,
      and these are probably chrome tanned.

      I've thought about oiling them heavily, then tossing into a dryer or hot
      with an old shoe to see if the heat will cook them darker. Thought about
      ironing them. Thought about dying them the usual way (tedious but
      doable), thought about dumping dye in oil. Even pondered leaving them in
      the sun in a tub of water with a dozen tea bags.

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