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11424Re: "celtic" rune leather stamp sets available for purchase

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  • Jay Hitchcock
    Jun 4, 2009
      OK, my set came in,
      I am new to this and would like to get a symbol/letter guide
      so that when I use them I can spell correctly.


      --- In medieval-leather@yahoogroups.com, Diane Sawyer Dooley <tasha_medvedeva@...> wrote:
      > Okay, "celtic" runes is not accurate. The stamps are actually the Elder Futhark, but they're labeled "Celtic Runes" for whatever reason. Tandy stopped carrying these stamp sets several years ago, in favor of the Hebrew alphabet, but thanks to an enterprising store manager, there are a limited number available at the Tandy store in Chelmsford, MA. They're only available at this one store, so don't go looking for them on the Tandy website -- they're not there. Let me reiterate that these are leather stamps, and give a lovely sharp impression in properly cased veg tan leather.
      > They're $32 plus shipping and applicable tax, unless you can pick them up in-store, which will save you shipping. Ken (the store manager) says that he has 11 sets left. If you're interested, contact Ken Evans or Marji Clinton at the Chelmsford, MA Tandy Leather store: 978-275-0596 or 866-771-0003, or you can email them at boston@...
      > Thanks for your time!
      > Tasha
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