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11251Norman period leather (1080-1130), any books on the argument?

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  • boccione2k
    Apr 7, 2008
      Hello all,
      as on the subject, there are some books on leatherworking around the
      1100? I've got "Shoes and Pattens" and "Knives and Scabbards", but
      I'm sorely in need of infos about norman period leathers, particularly
      regarding armor and purses.

      I know that leather manufacts are hard to find, so any information on
      the subject is sketchy at most, but anything will help.

      I'm part of a group reenacting a Norman militia on the payroll of the
      bishop of Bari, south of Italy.

      This is our link, if anyone interested: www.stratosbari.it
      Sadly only in italian, but we are working on making the site bilingual.