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11050Re: Pigskin and Armour

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  • caitlin_oduibhir
    Jul 4, 2007
      I am forced to admit that yes... thats more or less what it's for -
      only a ladies' cupholder. I was put to a rather bizarre request to
      make a lacy Jill. My the Gods help me with this one. I don't fight, it
      took me some time to find a sympathetic soul to show me what I had
      gotten myself into.

      I had plans on making drawn thread lace out of a very sturdy heavy
      linen, which will be something of a challenge given I am used to
      working on very delicate threads. I wanted something behind it however
      to add extra stability and durability in the event the intended
      recipient is ever actually brave enough to actually use it.

      I have plans to use filet lace (fish netting, essentially) on the bias
      for the waist, but couldn't come up with a narrow passementarie that
      would stretch and return on its' own the same way. I have already
      accepted that a pair of small buckles are likely involved in adjusting
      the tension for the thigh straps.

      I was planning on quilting the actual cup like a typical jupon, using
      all the traditional materials. The backside however, I was concerned
      with friction wear, but I suppose it's no different than any other
      layer of linen resting against linen. Conversely though, it does need
      a measure of rigidity that would reasonably match what I assume is
      neoprene foam and plastic of some kind being used modernly. I just
      don't want to go strapping on cuir boilli in such a flexible and
      heat-prone area of the body.


      > If this is for a jock strap I'd use elastic and hide it. If elastic
      isn't an
      > option I'd use fabric.
      > If it's for armour straps I'd use a heavily waxed latigo.
      Non-stretch and
      > virtually impervious to sweat.
      > Use linen. Seriously. Linen breathes in a way that cotton and other
      > fibres just don't. Don't even contemplate synthetics.
      > Leather isn't a particularly breathable substance when presented
      with the kind
      > of sweat and heat load you'll get inside a jupon. Unless you use
      chamois, it
      > will also go stiff and hard and quickly become unwearable.
      > The only places I'm aware of leather being used in soft armour is in
      > like reinforcing of arming points and closure straps.
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