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11049Re: [medieval-leather] Pigskin and Armour

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  • Alasdair Muckart
    Jul 4, 2007
      On Thu, 05 Jul 2007 06:33:30 caitlin_oduibhir wrote:
      > The purpose I am asking this for is rather bizarre, but without going
      > into details, the intent of the leather would be thigh straps, akin to
      > those on a (warning! TMI moment coming!) Jock strap. Not taking a
      > great deal of tension, but needs to move with the wearer.

      If this is for a jock strap I'd use elastic and hide it. If elastic isn't an
      option I'd use fabric.

      If it's for armour straps I'd use a heavily waxed latigo. Non-stretch and
      virtually impervious to sweat.

      > I also want to know about how soft leather was applied in the context
      > of armour. Was it used to back the quilting in a jupon? Is it
      > ultimately more durable than textile, taking wear and salts into mind?
      > I'm trying to find ways to build protective layers without building
      > something oppressively hot and thus entirely impractical to fight in.

      Use linen. Seriously. Linen breathes in a way that cotton and other natural
      fibres just don't. Don't even contemplate synthetics.

      Leather isn't a particularly breathable substance when presented with the kind
      of sweat and heat load you'll get inside a jupon. Unless you use chamois, it
      will also go stiff and hard and quickly become unwearable.

      The only places I'm aware of leather being used in soft armour is in things
      like reinforcing of arming points and closure straps.

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