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11003Re: [medieval-leather] New Member - mask making

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  • Neil Carr
    Jun 13, 2007
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      Hi there
      Have you come across this site before?:
      It's pretty comprehensive, and I've used their process quite
      successfully before - in fact, I've got plastercasting scheduled for
      this weekend again.
      I used a fairly light veg-tan calf/cow hide last time, about 1-1.5 mm
      thick. This time, I'm going to try a similar weight of pigskin, which
      seems stretchier but has already given me a good impression of a plastic
      doll's face for a LARP. I tend to use mostly my fingers and a
      round/spoon modeller, but anything without an edge will do for the shaping.


      Marguerite Foster wrote:

      > Greetings.
      > I'm Marguerite, I'm new and I'm really looking forward to learning
      > more about leather work.
      > My first project is mask making. I've studied mask making and
      > performance (primarily Commedia del'Arte)but we never learned to make
      > the masks out of leather, which I feel misses so much of the tradition
      > involved in the form.
      > I've done some research but I am somewhat intimidated and could use
      > some really basic advice as to the right materials and tools to use,
      > which leathers to use and where to get it. Any technique notes or
      > research sources would also be a huge help.
      > Thanks !
      > _
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