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10766Re: [medieval-leather] Leather Vessels

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  • Al Muckart
    Aug 1 2:46 PM
      On Wednesday 02 August 2006 06:03, akathan@... wrote:

      Hi Corin,

      > I had the good fortune last summer to take a trip that included the
      > Royal Ontario Museum. Thanks to the guidance of some of the members
      > of this list, I was able to arrange to meet with the curator of the leather
      > vessels collection. I was allowed to handle and photograph several
      > vessels that were not on display. I have photographs of undersides
      > and insides and so on, which I will be presenting at Pennsic.

      Do you have any notes on your observations? I'm especially interested in the
      observed state of the sealants on the inside and outside of the vessels you
      looked at. Were they heavily pitched on the inside? How were the outsides
      treated? Were any of the vessels you looked at drinking-size or were they all
      serving jugs?

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