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10761Leather Vessels

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  • akathan@wi.rr.com
    Aug 1 11:03 AM
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      I had the good fortune last summer to take a trip that included the
      Royal Ontario Museum. Thanks to the guidance of some of the members
      of this list, I was able to arrange to meet with the curator of the leather
      vessels collection. I was allowed to handle and photograph several
      vessels that were not on display. I have photographs of undersides
      and insides and so on, which I will be presenting at Pennsic. I am
      hoping that more knowledgeable people than I will attend and together
      we can learn more about what they did and how they did it from the
      photographic evidence.

      I will be showing and telling Monday the 14th at 3:00 and Friday
      the 18th at 1:00. I hope to see some of you there and meet you.


      BTW, I'm certain that they have 2 objects from the Fieldhouse collection.
      They are just too distinctive not to be.

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      http://mail2web.com/ .
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