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10724Re: A Question On Immersion Dyeing

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  • ren_junkie
    Jun 6, 2006
      Thanks for the info. No, I don't know terribly much about using
      indigo, I have never dyed fabrics before. But, having said that, my
      woman is inhumanly happy when using indigo, so I have an experienced
      dyer on hand. The results do sound quite interesting, but I didn't
      realize it would act that way, or that it was worked at cuirbouile
      temps. Don't think it will work for what I was hoping for. Of
      course, if anyone happens to get that rather toxic-sounding
      amonia/alcahol mix to work, please let me know.

      Oh, I don't know the exact amounts of dy I will need, but I am
      anticipating enough to fill the average family pool...lol. It's
      gonna be beastly expensive, but I'm hoping the end result will
      justify the cost.

      Oh, I know that there will be vaiations from hide to hide, and even
      on the same hides. I want it consistient, but I want it to vary with
      the hide, not due to me. I hate when I'm dyeing something and I put
      more coats on one piece than another, or I do this spot a bit
      different than another. As long as it's variations in the leather
      causing the variations, that's fine. I mean, that's where the beauty
      of dyed leather is. If I wanted it perfectly consitient, I'd paint

      Woad, you say? Hmmmm, that's interesting. I would like to use
      naturaly and traditional dyes as much as possible. Maybe cheaper
      than Fiebings, and honestly, I just think it would be all kinds of
      cool to have natural dyes on my armour. Guess I'll have to give my
      woman the recipies from 1588. It'll just break her heart to get to
      play with all those new dyeing techniques....lol.


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