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10716A Question On Immersion Dyeing

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  • ren_junkie
    Jun 4, 2006
      Actually I have a bunch of them, but let's just start here.

      I want in the near future to start playing with immersion dyeing, as
      I rather think that will be a better way to make all the pieces to
      a suite I make all match better than dyeing each piece individually.

      First question, and the only one for today: How would Indigo work on
      veg-tan leather? I recently found out it is indigo used in blue
      jeans (I'm a textile retard, ok? lol), and I rather like the color.
      In fact, I have spent quite a lot of time and fiebings light blue
      and reducer trying to get a blue that looks the way I want. I have
      seen jeans in a very similar tone of blue, so.....Would indigo work
      for this, or would indigo be a bloody disaster? My woman has a lot
      of indigo experience in fabrics, so she can help, but she has zero
      experience with leather. So I turn to you, to let me know if it
      would be a waste of time, or if the dye would take and be stable,
      and all I would need to find out is what intensity to make it for
      the tone I want.

      Thanks, all,
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