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10536Re: [medieval-leather] Re: Period leather glue

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  • Tim Bray
    Oct 10, 2005
      You can't get leather "totally dry" without cooking it; there is always
      some moisture bound up in the fibers. Then when you cook it at 200 F, the
      surface will partially polymerize, causing it to shrink, which is causing
      your edge seams to open up.

      The solution seems obvious - reduce the heat. From what I've read, and
      from my own experiments, if you stay below 180 F you will be fine. 175 -
      180 should still give you decent wax penetration.

      Just my 2 deniers worth. (Yes, I've been watching "Rome!")


      At 02:36 PM 10/10/2005 +0000, you wrote:
      >I allow the leather to totaly dry before i put it into the oven. I
      >tried waxing damp leather once and wound up with a piece with the
      >consistancy of a potato chip. If I was just heat drying and then
      >pitching the bottals then, yeah 200 is probably to hot. But I am
      >waxing the outsida as well as the inside of the bottle, the 20o
      >degree temp opens the pores and allows the leather to accept the wax
      >more easaly.

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