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10534Re: [medieval-leather] Re: Period leather glue

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  • Alasdair Muckart
    Oct 8, 2005
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      On Saturday 08 October 2005 23:17, Chris Nickel wrote:

      Hi Chris,

      > > Interesting. I've not had that happen to me so obviously we're doing
      > > something differently. What weight leather are you using, and how are you
      > > waxing it? Are you getting it particularly hot in the process of waxing?
      > I am using 4 oz leather for the bottles.
      > I form them buy soaking them for an hour or so and then pack them with
      > sand. After they are dry. (2 to 3 days) I empty the sand out and put
      > them in an oven set to 200 degrees where I use bee's wax to wax the
      > outside. When they have cooled down again I fill them with bee's wax
      > and then pour it out to seal the insides.
      > Pretty standard method I think.

      It sounds to me like your edge-spreading problems may be a result of excessive
      leather shrinkage during the heating phase. If this is the case then glue
      isn't going to help much, unless you use superglue. Are you welting the

      Assuming you're using the Fahrenheit scale, 200 is 93 and a bit centigrade,
      which is quite a bit hotter than I tend to allow damp leather to get. I do
      jacks at no more than 80 centigrade/176 Fahrenheit and I do them straight
      from wet without letting them dry out much first. I also dry them on the form
      to avoid distortion when they get hot. I got my best results using a
      fan-forced oven.

      What I've found is that when they get too hot the welt shrinks quite a lot and
      pulls the whole thing out of true, and the outside bits of leather shrink and
      do wierd things to the seams. I suspect that this is what you're seeing.

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