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10530Re: [medieval-leather] Re: Period leather glue

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  • Neil Carr
    Oct 8 12:08 AM
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      Chris Nickel wrote:

      > I put the stich anout 1/16th of an inch from the edge. The pieces
      > stay together nicley until I wax them. At that point the edges
      > spread apart.
      > -Erich

      I've found running a slicker and one of those round groove thingies
      (belt edger?) over the edges (wet) helps knit the two sides together.
      Repeat after waxing .
      You have to run it parallel to the edge, und really mash it down so the
      edge looks really smooth, almost polished.

      homemade leaf glue should be totally non-toxic, depending on where the
      skins come from. Commercial hide glue for woodworking, I'm not so sure.
      You can also get the rabbitskin glue from art suppliers (used in gesso),
      I'm reasonably sure it's still made the old-fashioned way. But if you
      really want the glue to stop edge-spreading, try my above suggestion first.

      Caveat - I've only ever made 2 of the darn things. Well, 1.8, anyway...

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