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10526Re: [medieval-leather] Period leather glue

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  • Ron Charlotte
    Oct 7, 2005
      At 08:30 AM 10/7/2005, Erich
      >Does anyone have any information on what (if any) type of leather glue
      >would have been used during the Middle Ages? And maybe a modern
      >I'm am makeing leather water bottles and need a way to keep the edges
      >together. I am still planning to sew the seams up, bit I figure that a
      >small amount of glue around the edges will help close the gap and seal
      >the bottle.

      The classic would be hide glue (available at good wood working shops if you
      aren't feeling froggy enough to make up a batch). I often use a good
      quality contact cement when speed is more important than
      documentablility. Basic white glues like Elmer's is supposed to be fairly
      close to some of the starch based glues ( I think the current version is
      more of an acrylic, than not).

      Ron Charlotte -- Gainesville, FL
      ronch2@... OR afn03234@...

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