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10038Re: Evidence for dyed leather for ca. 1000 AD

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  • Grooby, Peter
    Feb 15, 2005
      > > Tanning uses vegetable tannin to preserve the leather, Tawing uses
      > > Alum. The two types of leather are _very_ different in
      > > the tawing process is _much_ faster, but the leather has to be
      > > differently in use.
      > Something I've been wondering about this. I've heard it said many
      > that
      > Alum tawed hides are not at all water resistant, since water will wash
      > the alum, leaving you with rawhide again.
      > If this is the case, what happens when you apply liquid dye to alum
      > hide? Would stuffing the tawed hide with grease help with the water
      > resistance?

      Stuffing with grease/fat/egg-yolk does help water resistance, but it
      would also greatly hinder dye absorption.

      I would suggest adding the colourant to the alum/salt solution during
      the tawing process.


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