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welcome shepherds

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  • edward
    God bless everyone! here s the first lecture MEDIA EDUCATION INTRODUCATION Shepherding the Media Consumer Sem. Edward Lining Dantis, St. Paul Seminary
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2010
      God bless everyone!

      here's the first lecture

      "Shepherding the Media Consumer"
      Sem. Edward Lining Dantis, St. Paul Seminary Foundation

      Prayer for the Apostolate of the Means of Social Communication
      God, to communicate your love to men and women, you sent your only Son Jesus Christ into the world and made him Master, the Way and Truth and Life of humanity. Grant that the media of social communication- press, films, radio, television, records and all audiovisuals- may always be used for your glory and the good of all.
      Raise up vocations for this multi-media apostolate, and inspire all people of good will to contribute with prayer, action and offerings, so that through these means the Church may preach the Gospel to all peoples. Amen
      St. Paul the Apostle, our patron, pray for us and for the apostolate of the means of social communication.

      *Audio Video Presentation
      To show how our Catholic faith works, let us look at the video from catholicscomehome.org

      "(Communications) should be recognized as instruments which God, by means of human intelligence and ingenuity, has put at our disposal. Like all of God's gifts, they are meant to be used for a good purpose and to assist individuals and communities to grow in knowledge and appreciation of the truth, as well as in sensitivity to the dignity and needs of others." (Message of Pope John Paul II, 27th world communications day, 23 May 1993).

      The goal of media education is functional media literacy. This is achieved when learners become effective communicators, meaning mediators and living witness of ─

      • How to be true and good.
      • How to be more free and responsible.
      • How to be just and equitable.
      • How to be loving and lovable.
      • How to be in peace, and
      • How to promote development.

      Ultimately the learners must be "producers" or "directors" of different media and be able to communicate positive, life giving values so that all may have life more fully and abundantly as this is the will of God for all.

      The Mass Media and its impact to the
       Viewers
       Audience
       Listeners
       Readers

      *My video/media educ./mass media (audio video presentation)
      Basic Communication Model

      S – M – C – R – F (E)
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