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318sir sorry late ngayon lng nakapag bukas ng comp ehh

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  • Patricia
    Aug 12, 2010
      Group 2 I mother Alberta

      Title: The Necklace
      Running time:
      Producer: Patricia Castaneda
      Writer: Janela Mae Palomares
      Producer staff:
      Jannielle Rose Carreon
      Austein Dimailig
      Mark Lester De Los Reyes
      Millard Ebreo
      Camille Basciano
      As of Aug. 6 2010
      Media Education Class– Sem. Edward Dantis

      Music: Huling El Bimbo intro (instrumental)
      Title card: The Necklace
      Music: Huling El Bimbo intro

      Chargen: Hours later

      Chargen: 10 years later

      Music: Huling El Bimbo (chorus)



      Scene of two children playing (in Sepia mode) from wide shot to close up to both children


      Scene of parents talking to little girl (in Sepia mode) – wide shot
      Closes up to the little girl crying.

      Scene of two children saying goodbye to each other. Both of them crying. (in Sepia mode) – from wide shot to close up
      Girl giving the necklace to the little boy


      Scene of girl bording inside a jeep
      She trips
      A guy helps her stand up. – from close up of their hands to wide shot
      Their necklaces got tangled. – close up shot of the necklaces
      They look at each other's eyes. – close up shot of their faces
      Close up shot of the necklaces