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RESOURCES: Some Links to Governmental Resources: Annotated Listings of Government Resource Megasites and Resource List Links Pages

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  • David P. Dillard
    The message below is a repeat of a message sent earlier this year. The reason for resending is two fold. Sites that no longer provide access to the lists
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      The message below is a repeat of a message sent earlier this year. The
      reason for resending is two fold. Sites that no longer provide access to
      the lists that they once did have been eliminated. More importantly,
      contents lists or statements describing contents now accompany each site
      listing, so that one will have a better idea from within this message of
      what each link in this list provides on their website.


      Some Links to Governmental Resources: Annotated Listings of
      Government Resource Megasites and Resource List Links Pages

      Here are some links that provide linked listings of government web
      resources and related website listing collections.

      Governments on the WWW

      Comprehensive database of governmental institutions on the
      World Wide Web: parliaments, ministries, offices, law courts,
      embassies, city councils, public broadcasting corporations,
      central banks, multi-governmental institutions etc.
      Includes also political parties. Online since June 1995.
      Contains more than 17000 entries from more than 220
      countries and territories as of June 2002.

      Governments on the WWW: Table of Contents
      Worldwide Governments on the WWW

      State and Local Government on the Net [United States]

      A link for each state as well as Federal Resources,
      Multi-State Sites, National Organizations and
      Other Links.

      The Council of State Governments [United States]

      Founded on the premise that the states are the best sources
      of insight and innovation, CSG provides a network for
      identifying and sharing ideas with state leaders.
      To this end CSG:

      Builds leadership skills to improve decision-making;

      Advocates multi-state problem solving and partnerships;

      Interprets changing national and international conditions to
      prepare states for the future; and

      Promotes the sovereignty of the states and their role in
      the American federal system.

      International Documents
      Foreign Governments

      State and Local Governments [United States]
      A Library of Congress Resource Page
      Meta-Indexes for State and Local Government Information
      State Government Information
      Individual States

      European Governments On-Line

      Website for Eurpean Union Government

      Provinces and Territories [Canada]

      This page contains links to the official government
      Web sites of Canada's provinces and territories.
      Capital cities are in brackets.

      Australian Government Information

      Government in Australia is three-tiered - Commonwealth
      (or Federal), State and Local. More information about
      Australia's System of Government is available from the
      Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

      Australian State and Territory Governments

      Yahoo! Directory: Government > Countries

      A directory of the government links for the countries of
      the world.

      GOL-INs Website [Government Online International Network]

      Linked from this sites home page:
      documents new
      country reports

      Open Source in eGov
      strategic managment
      web services

      AdmiNet - World - Governments

      Links to sites for each country as well as coverage of these topics:
      National resources
      General ressources
      Flags, Anthems
      World Organisations
      NGO : Non-governmental Organisations
      Internationale Abkommen

      Foreign Government Resources on the Web
      Coverage of these subjects and resources from this page:
      Foreign Government
      Web Sites Related Foreign Information
      Africa (Sub-Saharan)
      Background, Biographies
      Human Rights, Politics/Elections
      Asia and the Pacific
      Comprehensive Listings
      of Foreign Governments
      Central/South America
      Constitutions, Laws
      and Treaties
      Middle East/North Africa
      North America
      Demographic, Economic,
      Health, Military

      Additional Web Pages
      International Agencies
      Political Science
      International Simulations

      National government information
      National information networks
      United Nations

      African States
      Asian States
      Eastern European States
      Latin American and Caribbean States
      Western European and Other States
      Permanent Missions to the United Nations - New York
      Permanent Missions to the United Nations - Geneva

      Law and Government Resources for 230 Countries
      Heiros Gamos Law Web Resources

      Site Contents Include:
      United Nations
      European Union

      GPO Pathway Services
      Government Resources on the Web
      Guide to Law Online:Nations of the World
      Cornell LII's Foreign and International Links
      Law by country - Other Countries
      EFF Links to Government Servers and Information
      Laws of all jurisdictions (arranged by subject)
      Electronic Activist
      Laws of other nations
      Electronic Frontier Foundation Links to Government
      ervers and Information
      Legal Information Institute - Cornell University
      European Governments on the WWW
      Raper's Government Information Center
      Foreign and International Law
      Regional Councils of Government
      Yahoo! Law Index - By Subject
      Yahoo, Index of Governments
      Government, Law and Society
      U.S. Federal and State Government Sites
      Governments on the Worldwide Web
      VoS: Politics & Government
      Government Information Xchange (GSA)

      Administrative Law
      Aboriginal Peoples
      Government Practice
      Human Rights
      War and Peace

      Foreign Governments on the Internet

      Links to information pages regarding governments. Links
      are by country name and lead to a website of the government
      of that country.

      Index to Comparative / Foreign Governments

      Links on the page are by country name and lead to a links page
      of information sources for the specific country selected.

      Foreign Government Resources on the Internet

      Comprehensive Sites |
      Sites Organized by Region or Affiliation | Statistics |
      Finance and Trade Elections and Other Current Events |
      Rulers | Legislative Bodies | Constitutions, Laws, Treaties |
      Diplomacy National Libraries | Reference Sources

      Web Resources for Foreign Law and Governments

      Foreign Law and Government Links -- Check this page
      for quick links to individual country pages at the six most
      useful megasites. Links to a wide variety of other information
      sources regarding the government's of countries

      Information Resources for Foreign Governments

      General Sites ] [ Reference Sources ] [ Foreign Leaders]
      [ Constitutions & Laws] [ Embassies & Consulates]
      [ Statistics] [ Related Sites] Each of these categories
      provides a major source of links.

      GODORT - IDTF Links Page (International Documents Task Force)
      Foreign National Governments
      Foreign National Governments | International Governmental Organizations
      Non-governmental Organizations | Other Notable Sites

      European Union Internet Resources
      revised 18 December 2000

      Poly-Cy Guide to Internet Resources for Political Science
      International Government Links

      General Guides to International Government Pages
      Government Sources - Other Nations
      International Organizations
      Poly-Cy Directory at a Glance (Main Pages)
      Home Page About Poly-Cy
      US Dept. Pages Int. Dept. Pages Personal Home Pages
      Academic Jobs * Associations Institutes Teaching
      Syllabi Publishers Journals Data
      Reference Multimedia Software
      Federal Govt. State Govt. Foreign Govt.
      Int. Orgs American Politics Political Theory Judicial Politics
      Comparative Politics Area Studies International Politics
      Public Policy Public Administration

      Government Resources - Foreign and International

      Indexes to Foreign Government Sites
      Indexes to International Organizations
      United Nations
      Constitutions and Laws
      International Consitutional Law
      Constitutional documents, mostly unofficial translations
      provided by information offices of embassies.
      Laws of other Nations - Internet Law Library
      EmbassyWeb - embassies and consulates worldwide
      Electronic Embassy - embassies in Washington DC
      Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
      World Leaders
      Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
      Address Directory - Politicians Of The World
      Mailing addresses for national leaders and many provincial
      governors. Phone, fax, email, and web addresses
      when available.
      World Statesmen

      Foreign & International
      Government Resources
      Treaties - Databases & Statistics - Other Resources

      Foreign Countries & Governments
      International Organizations
      Government Information on the Internet
      United States, United Kingdom, and Other Foreign Governments

      Collection of core resources and documents for the United States
      and other governments.

      National Governments of the World

      National Governments of the World
      Country Background Information
      - National government sites & Country overviews
      - Heads of state and Elections
      Constitutions, Laws, Treaties and Government documents
      NEOS Libraries Catalogue Search Tips
      See also:
      - International Organizations
      - Canadian Federal Government Publications
      - United States Government Publications

      Government Documents Library
      Foreign Governments

      Provides links for Megasites, Embassies, Parliaments and
      News Services

      Government Agencies and Information

      This gateway to government agencies, information, publications,
      and statistics sites covers federal, state and local, and foreign
      jurisdictions and international governmental organizations.
      For each governmental level, special access to agriculture
      agencies is also provided. See also Primary Law Worldwide
      and other Web Library pages



      Collected Foreign Law and Government Sites
      Foreign & Comparative Law
      Foreign & International Law Discussion Lists
      Foreign & International Law Study Abroad
      Foreign Constitutions and Constitutional Courts
      Foreign Relations
      Human Rights
      International Law Organizations
      International Organizations
      Other International Law Resources
      Proceedings of the Old Bailey
      Treaties and Other International Agreements

      Foreign Government Information

      A collection of reference tools that provide foreign government
      related information.

      Foreign Law: Legal Research Resources on the Internet

      International/Foreign Agencies and Information
      Other International and Foreign Agencies and Information

      Foreign and International Law Resources:
      An Annotated Guide to Web Sites Around the World
      Foreign Law
      General Links
      Regional Links
      National Laws by Subject
      Constitutions and Constitutional Courts
      Individual Countries:

      International Government

      Directories and Listings of Organization Links by

      Political Science

      Associations and Organizations
      Gateway Sites
      Government: Foreign
      Government: State and Local Hawaii
      Government: Federal United States
      Government Publications: United States
      Interational Relations
      News Sourcers
      Numeric Data
      Policy, Opinion, Public Administration
      United Nations

      Foreign Government Web Resources

      Government Links

      Links: Government

      Association of South East Asian Nations
      Emabassies - Consulates & Diplomatic Missions
      European Governments on-line
      FirstGov - US
      Foreign Government Resources on the Web
      Foreign Governments
      Governments on the Web
      Home Office - UK
      Home Office Immigration and Nationality Directorate - UK
      Immigration and Natralization Service -US
      Immigration Appellate Authority - UK
      Inter-Governmental Consultations Secretariat
      Law Commission - UK
      Local Government Association - UK
      Local Government International Bureau
      Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner - UK
      Passport Agency - UK
      Political Resources
      UK Online
      Web Sites of National Parliaments

      Information on Foreign Countries and Governments

      Covers publications and an extensive list of internet sources of
      information about Foreign Countries and Governments

      Trade Resources

      U.S. Sources of Trade Assistance
      Federal Trade Assistance Organizations
      California Trade Assistance Organizations
      U.S. Trade & Industry Associations
      U.S. Chambers of Commerce
      test page
      International Source of Trade assistance
      Foreign Trade Offices
      United Nations Organizations
      Regional Organizations (other than UN)
      World Bank Organizations and Affiliates
      International Trade & Industry Associations
      International Trade & Industry Associations

      WCSU List: Political Science Internet Resources

      Topical categories covered:
      [American Government & Politics]
      [International Governments & Politics]
      [Political Thought] [Research] [General] [Misc.]
      [Social Sciences; World Areas; Other WCSU Lists]

      The World at Your Fingertips

      International, national, regional and local governmental and
      government-related servers on the Internet, organized by
      continent, country, state/province/region,
      county/parish/township/metropolis, city/town/village/neighborhood.
      This is a VERY large database (170K+). With this, the next one
      on this list and the rest of this page, you should have virtually
      everything linking you to anything dealing with any government
      activity on the Internet.

      On-Line News Worldwide Global Menu

      A part of Mario's Cyberspace Station, created and maintained by
      one Mario Profaca, Freelancer, Zagreb, Croatia. Mario is, well,
      an interesting fellow. But he has created one incredible list --
      at last count providing information and WWW/Internet links on
      93 countries (if you count Antarctica and the Vatican as countries).

      Area Studies, Comparative Politics: elections, parties and on a Country
      Country Basis

      This page gives access to information on individual countries.
      It may be used to access all the information on the site for a
      given country, since the sub-pages for each country have links,
      where relevant, to all the other pages.


      EFF used to have a much more extensive page at this site.
      Other search services do a better job. In lieu of that we are
      providing some of the basic links so that you can better do
      your own research. This will be limited to a few U.S. links
      and a couple of search engines.

      Selected Web Sites
      International Relations/Area Studies

      Topical and geographic listing of website links that are
      government information source pages.

      World: Governments, Parliaments and Embassies

      Collections of Links for Each of These Subject Categories:
      World Leaders
      World Governments
      Parliaments of the World
      Embassies of the World
      World Armed Forces
      World Security

      Countries and Governments
      See also page on International Relations and Politics Internet

      International Organisations
      Countries and Governments

      World Government Sources

      A core collection of links to online reference tools for locating
      information and resources of government information for
      countries worldwide.

      Publications of Foreign Governments

      | Guides | Directories | Indexes & Bibliographies |
      Background Information | Other Sources |

      Internet Legal Resources

      The following free websites provide legal information and
      materials (including laws, bills, court opinions, and related
      documents) and/or links to legal material.
      University of Washington faculty, students, and staff and
      visitors to UW Libraries may also conduct legal research on
      LexisNexis Congressional. For information on how to
      conduct various types of legal research, consult the legal
      research guides collection.

      International Law - General

      A substantial collection of links to resources for internet
      law found on the internet.

      Government Information

      Extensive group of links to resources for
      government resources of:
      Local | State | Federal | Country Information

      International Tax

      Country-Specific Sites
      Tax Associations
      IRS Resources
      Other Resources
      European Union & VAT
      Tax Treaties
      Students & Scholars


      Global Nature Conservation Organisations

      Global Intergovernmental Organisations (IGOs)

      Global Intergovernmental Organisations (IGOs)
      Global Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
      European organisations
      National organisations

      Global Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
      Global Nature Conservation Organisations

      European Nature Conservation Organisations
      European organisations

      European Nature Conservation Organisations by Country
      National organisations

      Global Intergovernmental Organisations


      David Dillard
      Temple University
      (215) 204 - 4584
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