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231Re: [mecklenbent-riders] new ride

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  • David Clark
    Jun 10, 2010
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      I think Philip had family obligations that got in the way.  Like I said - not many recumbents out there in the hills....

      --- On Wed, 6/9/10, Jerry Morris <froglegz57@...> wrote:

      From: Jerry Morris <froglegz57@...>
      Subject: Re: [mecklenbent-riders] new ride
      To: mecklenbent-riders@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2010, 8:12 PM

      sounds like a great ride...  and a plan for next year.  did philip make it with you?

      --- On Wed, 6/9/10, David Clark <david_h_clark2004@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      From: David Clark <david_h_clark2004@ yahoo.com>
      Subject: Re: [mecklenbent- riders] new ride
      To: mecklenbent- riders@yahoogrou ps.com
      Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2010, 12:22 PM

      Hey Jerry,
      Sounds like bents were thick on the Silver Comet!
      Weather was indeed great for the weekend.  I did the Fletcher Flyer century on Sunday and it was one of the best rides I've been on.  A fair number of hills but nothing you would call mountainous.  Probably the longest upgrade was 1/2 mile long and there were a couple of steep but short little struggles.  We spent a lot of miles in the flat bottom lands along the French Broad river near Brevard which were a real delight.  Wonderful to be riding surrounded by mountains but not have to climb them.  I took the ride as easy as I could because I didn't know how big the hills were going to be.  Finished in 7 hours, 40 minutes.  Not the last person in either......
      I would highly recommend this ride for next year.  Just get there early - it took me 10 minutes just to get into the parking lot when I arrived about 40 minutes before the start.  There were only two other bents that I could see - which was the same number as unicycles.  I don't know how far the unicycles actually went (there was a 50 and 63 mile option) but those guys were tough!  Obviously crazy - unlike us normal folks!!
      Glad to hear that Daniel and Heather will be landing in Oak Ridge.  Marta and I have had a number of relatives that worked at Oak Ridge and really like the area. 

      --- On Tue, 6/8/10, Jerry Morris <froglegz57@yahoo. com> wrote:

      From: Jerry Morris <froglegz57@yahoo. com>
      Subject: [mecklenbent- riders] new ride
      To: mecklenbent- riders@yahoogrou ps.com
      Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2010, 9:53 PM

      Hello all,
           Just took a last peek at the Silver Comet last weekend and it was a blast.  Weather was fantastic and just had an overall great ride.  Started with a group of older folks and rode with them for a bit and chatted a load.  At the first stop a guy about my size or a bit bigger stopped by on a very dirty Carbent.  Even with the dirt it looked like a fantastic ride.  I chatted with him a bit and picked up the bike to test it's weight..... wow... a feather weight indeed.
           I moved on from there and went on out to the C of C and then turned around to head back with enough time to actually see my granddaughter and family.  On the way back I saw at least 3 bents with women riding towards me.  Very cool.  I notoced a bent in front of me and pulled up alongside to ride with him.  We chatted a bit and eventually I realized he was the Herb that Dave, Tim and I had ridden with the December before last.  What a coincidence.  A meeting on the trail with someone I already had ridden with. 
           Daniel and Heather will be moving to Oak Ridge Tn this week so we have officially lost our free hotel in Atlanta.  I will still make at least an annual trip down there but the 2 or 3 every quarter are gone. 
           Now to the subject of the mail.....  I just put my newest ride together yesterday and took her out on a short shake-down this evening.  It is the smoothest ride I have ever ridden and the comfort level is extremely high.  It is a Rans V2 and I like it.  If i can get a 100 or so miles on it over the next two weeks I will consider riding it on the 4th of July ride.  I will keep you all posted on the fun.  I am getting my Jetstream back tomorrow so if anyone knows someone who may be interested let me know.  The last guy just could not get the hang of it and he had a problem with numb feet.  I gave him his $$ back but now have an abundance of recumbents in my garage.

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