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120Re: [mecklenbent-riders] anybody there?????

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  • David Clark
    Aug 12, 2009
      The Ride for Pride is probably just a very hot version of the Polar Bear ride.....
      Your expedition to Albemarle sounds like quite an adventure.  I got caught in a heavy downpour in June and couldn't see anything until I took my glasses off.  Also my brakes were pretty ineffective.  Good reason to go very slow!
      I never made it to Chapel Hill.  I seem to have injured my knees getting about half way to Chapel Hill and am still trying to get past that.  I have changed my gearing and derailluer to get up the hills without stomping so hard on the pedals.  We'll see how that works over the next few weeks.

      --- On Wed, 8/12/09, Jerry Morris <froglegz57@...> wrote:

      From: Jerry Morris <froglegz57@...>
      Subject: Re: [mecklenbent-riders] anybody there?????
      To: mecklenbent-riders@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 12:36 PM

      good to hear from you,  that "ride for pride" looks suspiciously like the polar bear run from Jan.  I might be up for the 50k but probably not the 100.
      my rides this summer have been few and far between.  took the swb to illinois and got 2 really good rides in the first week (36 and 40mi) but next week caught a bit of gout and was down for a few days and then packed it all up and came home.  Have had a few good rides here but again way too busy for my own good.  i took off a few weeks ago and ended up thinking albemarle was a good idea.  I followed the 24/27 route and it was a really pleasant ride.  wide shoulder and some great hills.  got to albemarle and the rain kept coming.  i tried to ride back but had either fogged glasses or rain keeping me from seeing.  the rain coupled with the fresh asphalt (new oil) made for a dangerous ride so i quickly gave up and called the wife for a ride.  what fun i had!!!!!  
      that route would probably be a very good route for the campgrounds out there if you want to give it a go later this year.  did you make the ride to chapel hill? 

      --- On Wed, 8/12/09, David Clark <david_h_clark2004@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      From: David Clark <david_h_clark2004@ yahoo.com>
      Subject: Re: [mecklenbent- riders] anybody there?????
      To: mecklenbent- riders@yahoogrou ps.com
      Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 12:18 PM

      Just barely.  Marta's Dad has had heart surgury so we've been back and forth to the hospital for several weeks.  I just got back from a week in New England to check on my parents so last night was the first ride since early July.  It was just barely raining when I left the house which cooled things off nicely.
      Marta and I are trying to get serious about getting into shape for the ride across North Carolina since we've both taken the last month off.  We are currently planning on doing the "Ride for Pride" on August 22 from Cornelius.  We'll probably try the 100K version although there is a 50K route as well.  Interested in joining us?

      --- On Tue, 8/11/09, Jerry Morris <froglegz57@yahoo. com> wrote:

      From: Jerry Morris <froglegz57@yahoo. com>
      Subject: [mecklenbent- riders] anybody there?????
      To: mecklenbent- riders@yahoogrou ps.com
      Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 9:27 PM

      Hello All,
           It has been a hot summer and I was just wondering if anyone was out there still riding?

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