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Volunteer in Africa and Latin America

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  • Maria Kristine Rejano
    My name is Maria from the Philippines; I will be a part of the Ecuador team in November 2009. Now, I am working in the Area of Promotion at the RichmondVale
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2009

    My name is Maria from the Philippines ; I will be a part of the Ecuador team in November 2009. 

    Now, I am working in the Area of Promotion at the Richmond Vale Academy.

    If you are interested and want to work in community development in the areas of:

    §  Child aid & community programs

    §  Fighting HIV/AIDS

    §  Start up and run of primary and pre schools

    §  Vocational schools

    §  Train future teachers


    We invite you to become a Development Instructor at our school, the Richmond Vale Academy, in the beautiful island of Saint Vincent in the Caribbean and to participate in our projects in Ecuador , Brazil or Africa in the areas previously mentioned. 

    Our training is based on practical lessons about:

    §  Development of organizational and communication skills

    §  Prevention and information of diseases

    §  Income generation projects

    §  Organic farming

    §  Global history and economy

    §  Conflict resolution

    §  Basic maintenance and construction skills

    §  And more

    Now, we will tell you a little more about us:

    Who we are

    Our school is part of the International DRH Movement and works with HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE.


    HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE; is an organization that has developed more than 265 projects in 42 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1977.  These projects work in the areas previously mentioned and have benefited more than 10 million people living in poverty with lack of health, education and infrastructure.

    * For more information about HUMANA please visit: www.humanapeopletopeople.org


    HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE works in cooperation with the International DRH Movement. DRH is an abbreviation for "Den Rejsende Højskole" which means “Traveling Folk High Schools” in Danish. DRH`s objective is to prepare students to work in community development projects with HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE.

    * For more information about DRH please visit: www.drh-movement.org


    Today, there are 14 Traveling Folk High Schools located in 8 different countries of Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia . Every year around 800 Development Instructors, from over 65 countries, train themselves at one of the DRH Schools in order to take up a position in Latin America or Africa . The first DRH school began in Denmark in 1970 and the DRH Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) began in 2001.

    * For more information about Richmond Vale Academy please visit: www.richmondvaleacademy.org and http://www.youtube.com/user/jesperfriis



    These programs are open to people, over 17 years old, which are interested in having new challenges and experiences. There is no age limit and no previous academic degrees are required. However, it is essential for you to have a flexible, hardworking, motivated and enthusiastic attitude. Plus, you also need to be willing have simple living conditions or comforts.



    If you are interested to become a volunteer in Africa or Latin America, please send your application form (attached together with this email) to: volunteeratrva@...





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