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FW: Fulfulling the Third Goal

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  • JoAnna Allen
    FOR ALL MD RPCVS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN STUDENT EXCHANGE ADVOCACY. Please see if you can assist. Thanks! JoAnna Allen Dear Fellow RPCVs: My name is Brian
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2007
      see if you can assist. Thanks!
      JoAnna Allen

      Dear Fellow RPCVs:

      My name is Brian Peterson and I was a PCV in Ukraine from 2003-2005. I
      served as a TEFL volunteer in a secondary school in a small town in eastern
      Ukraine. While there, I became familiar with an organization called
      American Councils for International Education and one of the programs it
      administers: the Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX).
      About a year after returning home to the U.S., I found a job at American
      Councils, working with their secondary school exchange programs. I now work
      with placing students on three different competitive, merit-based, exchange
      programs funded by the State Department.

      - Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) for students from the former Soviet
      - Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES) for students from Afghanistan
      - American Serbia and Montenegro Leadership Exchange (A-SMYLE)

      The students on these programs are selected for their high fluency in
      English and their active involvement at school and in their comminties.
      While in the U.S., they not only learn about American culture and history
      and teach Americans about their own, but also gain an understanding of
      important elements of a civil society, including the rule of law,
      volunteerism, community service, and the involvement of citizens in solving
      societal problems, while acquiring the values and skills that will enable
      them to serve as agents for the transformation of their home countries.

      While in Ukraine, I had the opportunity to work at an English-language
      summer camp in Mykolayiv and co-teach with FLEX alumni at the university
      level. I was amazed at how committed these students (many only 18 or
      19) were to improving their local communities. Several were, and remain,
      actively involved in initiating, and working with, programs to help such
      groups as orphans, orphans with disabilities, Ukrainians suffereing from
      drug addiction, and helping to educate the general population about

      I am contacting you because, as fellow RPCVs, I know that you are interested
      in cultural exchange and probably you are acquainted with like-minded folks.
      If you are interested in the possibility of hosting an exchange student, or
      know people or groups in your community or nationwide that might be
      interested, please pass on this message and take a look at the attached
      information. I also ask that you consider passing this message on to your
      Peace Corps country group.

      Thank you for your commitment to cultural exchange and the belief that we
      can change our world for the better.

      The Third Goal: "Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on
      the part of Americans."

      Warm regards,
      Brian Peterson
      RPCV Ukraine, '03-'05

      Brian Peterson
      Program Assistant - Inbound Secondary School Programs American Councils for
      International Education
      1776 Massachussetts Ave. N.W., Suite 700 Washington, D.C. 20036
      Tel.: 202.833.7522
      Fax: 202.833.7523
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