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460Fwd: Update on RPCV Group Sign-on Letter to President

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  • Joby Taylor
    Nov 15, 2012
      Hi Maryland RPCVs!    

      I recommend/motion that our group sign on to this NPCA letter to President Obama encouraging him to support strong funding for the Peace Corps next year and providing him with thoughtful RPCV input as he considers candidates for appointment as the next Peace Corps Director.

      Anyone Second the Motion?  (see the link above for the letter and Jonathan Pearson's note below for more information)

      Joby Taylor (RPCV Gabon) 

      Begin forwarded message:

      From: The National Peace Corps Association Social Network <mail@...>
      Date: November 15, 2012 8:23:40 AM EST
      Subject: Update on RPCV Group Sign-on Letter to President: Group Leaders Forum

      A message from Jonathan Pearson - NPCA Advocacy Coordinator to all members of Group Leaders Forum on The National Peace Corps Association Social Network!

      Good Morning Group Leaders!

      I wanted to give you this update on the RPCV Group sign on letter to President Obama concerning his Fiscal Year 2014 Peace Corps funding request and his nomination of the next Peace Corps Director (If you haven't seen the letter, email me at jonathan@...).  A reminder the deadline to sign the letter is December 2nd.

      So far, we have heard from 17 groups (see list at end of this message).  Help us reach our goal of 100!

      In response to a couple of questions we have heard:

      1) DOES OUR GROUP SEND A LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT?  No, the idea around this action is to have a single letter, demonstrating the collective strength and nationwide scope of the Peace Corps community.  Send the needed information to us at jonathan@... and we will add your group to the letter.

      2) WHAT DO WE NEED TO SEND?  We are asking for one representative of the group to "sign" the letter on behalf of the group.  What we need from that person is the following (sent to jonathan@...):

      Name of Your RPCV Group
      Name of the Group Leader Signing on Behalf of the Group
      Title of the Group Leader Signing on Behalf of the Group
      City/state Where the Group is Based

      (NOTE: For Country of Service Groups, you can send the city/state of the leader signing on behalf of the group).


      Please review the list below to make sure we have you counted.  Here is our list of groups currently signed onto the letter to the President.  Our thanks to these groups for your leadership and prompt response!

      Friends of Benin
      Amigos de Bolivia y Peru
      Friends of the Dem. Republic of Congo (pending)
      Friends of the Dominican Republic
      Peace Corps Iran Association
      Friends of Korea
      Friends of Nigeria
      Friends of Thailand

      Heart of Texas Peace Corps Assn. (pending)
      Idaho RPCVs
      Inland Northwest Peace Corps Association
      Minnesota RPCVs
      Southeast Michigan RPCVs (pending)
      St. Louis Peace Corps Assn.
      Tennessee RPCVs
      RPCVs of Ventura County

      Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers

      Thanks everyone!
      Jonathan Pearson
      NPCA Advocacy Director

      Visit Group Leaders Forum at:

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